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Okay so this week’s post will be kind of random. Didn’t have any particular topic to write about so I’ll just share what’s new and/or good in our lives right now.
Elijah’s birthday is in about 2 weeks and he will be turning 3! I can’t believe it. Time sure has flown. I also can’t believe I’m the mom of a 3 year old. When I first became a mom I couldn’t believe I was actually a mom but then, slowly, “momma” and “mommy” became a very natural thing to respond to. However, in my head, I’ve always been a young mom of little babies, not kids. That is quickly changing (partially shown by the fact that I’m now having to get used to responding to “mom” instead of “momma” and “mommy”) and we are entering another zone where things get more complicated, busier (well, in a way. A different kind of busy really), and my kids are already becoming more and more independent of me. Bittersweet…


My little boy and I. Not the best picture of me but it’s so sweet I love it regardless.



Elijah has also been taking swimming lessons at the same place I used to take lessons at when I was around his age and a little bit older (I took lessons there a few summers in a row). It’s been SUCH a blast from the past. Everything I remember about the place is exactly the same as it was 20-ish years ago and watching him in his lessons brings back a flood of memories. Especially the part where he has to float on his back. I always hated that part. It scared me. He’s much braver than I was. We even listened to that “I love you always forever, near and far, always and ever” (or whatever the lyrics are) song one day on the way there and I had MAJOR flashbacks because I have no idea how many times we listened to that song on the radio on the way to swimming lessons but it was A LOT because that song seemed to always be on. The long car rides to swimming lessons and/or the library, just me and my mom, were really special to me. It always made me feel so extra special to get to go places, just her and I, while the boys were at school or wherever. I always fell asleep in the car, with the sun warming me up through the window, watching the fields with crops, horses, and cows fly by, “say you love, love me forever, never stop…” playing on the radio, and my tired little eyes slowly blinking for longer and longer until we arrived at swimming lessons and I’d wake with a start the second the car stopped moving, not realizing I had fallen asleep. The trip for us nowadays is much shorter.
This summer I hope to get a summer pass for the zoo and take the kids often. I also hope to get Elijah into T-ball. I want to take them out to the park as often as possible and maybe go to the splash park a few times as well, whenever we can make the trip. We will have a busy summer full of visiting family. It will be so fun for the kids. Elijah knows he has grandparents but he gets so confused as to which ones are which (in fact, I’m not sure he even realizes he has more than one set of grandparents), because they all live far away. This summer should clear up the confusion as he will get to see Alex’s parents, mine, and probably even my grandparents.


Elijah and I again, just making faces

My birthday is coming up one week after Elijah’s. I feel like the years are flying by wayyyy too fast. I feel like I just turned 21 last year and then I remember that it was actually 5 years ago. I constantly meet other couples I assume are about the same age as us, only to find out we’re like 4-5 years older. I just don’t feel like I should be closer to 30 than to 20. But it’s okay because then I remember that I’m the same age as Taylor Swift and it makes me not panic so much about getting older (I always thought she was younger than me).


Alex and I being weird

We have been watching a lot of Survivor these days. We have been sucked into it with the rest of the family haha. We’re so addicted.
My parents are arriving from Brazil in July for a nice big long visit. They won’t stay with us the whole time but they’ll probably be here with us a few weeks. I am hoping the kids and I will go with them to visit most of the other family they plan to visit once they are done here. Alex won’t be able to because he will have to work :( The kids and I probably will because we don’t get to see my parents often. It’s been 3 years since their last visit. I want to soak in as much time with them as possible because I have no idea how long the next stretch will be. We’ll miss Alex whenever we are gone.
I am so very excited because our very best friends are having their first baby and it’s a boy. I’ve been planning her baby shower since the day they told us they were expecting. I’m hoping it turns out really well. I also can’t wait to hold that sweet little baby in my arms and never let go (okay maybe I’ll let go. Eventually. OR maybe I’ll just keep him ;). GUYS, this is more than just “yay, our friends are having a baby!” These people are not just friends, they are FAMILY. As in, we have Sunday dinner together every week and our kids jump into their arms when they walk in the door and we are all at that place in the relationship where we are honest about farting and freely laugh over the embarrassing-est of our own stories, and then make fun of each other over them and laugh some more. Okay, well now I’m going to refrain from naming them in order to protect their privacy ;)
Sophie turns 2 in August and she’s already acting it. She is one bossy little toddler, I tell you what. She’s cute though so I can’t complain. Speaking of Sophie, she just got her ears pierced! I know, not everyone will be a fan of that. Alex wasn’t at first either. I can totally understand the whole idea of waiting until they’re older and it being a rite of passage and all that. I can get why people do that. I get that some people view doing it as growing up too fast. But I also think that way of thinking is largely cultural. I don’t think it is right or wrong because I’ve grown up accustomed to another culture where it ain’t no thang, as well as this culture where it IS a thing. I’ve grown up seeing both cultures side-by-side, which I think gave me a less biased perspective. In Brazil, earrings aren’t viewed as a grown-up thing so no one thinks of little girls wearing earrings as necessarily looking older than they are or growing up too fast. It isn’t a rite of passage into womanhood kind of thing there. Most baby girls have their ears pierced as newborns (my mom included). To them it’s just another way of being able to differentiate between baby girls and baby boys, kind of like a hair bow. My mom wanted to pierce my ears when I was a baby and my dad didn’t like that idea so she didn’t. I won’t tell the whole long story but I ended up having a traumatic experience that began with a fear of needles, that I have come a long way in (mostly) overcoming, and ended in having to get my ears pierced a second time because the first time we let the holes close up (on purpose) to be re-done at a later time (I was pretty determined to be able to wear earrings but terrified, even the second time, of getting holes put in my ears). Because of this, I’ve wanted Sophie to have hers pierced when she’s too little to remember ever having it done. This way she can’t psych herself out or fear it or be traumatized by it. She’ll simply have always had them pierced. (so basically, to me the argument is similar to the circumcision one for boys and my view the same: do it when they’re too little to remember. Hahaha not that I’m comparing the pain…). She won’t be allowed to wear dangly, big-girl, earrings though until she is a teenager. Just small studs for now. In this way we hope to keep her from looking too grown up or growing up too fast (so it’s a compromise really). And if she doesn’t want to wear earrings at all (which, knowing her, I highly doubt) she doesn’t have to. The option is simply there.


This is the only picture I could find where you can actually see her tiny little stud earrings

Anyway, I think that’s all I have folks! Sorry it wasn’t more interesting or well-written. I don’t have anything better currently :) Enjoy your Saturday!


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