Woodland Modern “Favorite Things” Baby Shower

When we talked about starting this blog, I was excited because I love clicking through to blogs from Pinterest to see different themes people use for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, etc.  I wanted a place to post about it whenever I helped throw a pretty Pinterest-worthy party! So, here we go.  My first party-planning post (Awww):


I have this AMAZING friend, who I feel like may actually be (what some scientists are calling) my “sister from another mister”. I think maybe the only reason she isn’t is because God already figured he gave my family enough cool girls and he should try to spread the rest around.  But, ANYWAY, “irregardless” of our actual biological (scientific) relationship, she is about to have a baby!  Early on in her pregnancy I tried to make sure every one of her friends knew that I wanted to help with her baby shower.  (She has a lot of friends.) But, I was persistent and just kept up with the annoyingness until we made it happen!  (We = a bunch of Kelly’s friends and I. I am in NO way taking credit for all of this! I just took the pictures!)

Oh, and I guess I also designed these invitations, which I’m pretty proud of.  It was my second ever attempt at something like that:



We started with a GORGEOUS house as our “backdrop”, so everything instantly looked glamorous to start!  Here’s our little woodsy centerpiece we put together: (See, I said those little white cake platters come in handy for all sorts of things!)


As part of the “Favorite Things” theme, we wanted to have all of the food have a make-it-your-favorite feel to it.  For drinks, we did an Italian Soda bar, which was just so cute and fun! And our house-host even has a separate-from-the-fridge ice maker that makes SONIC ICE. Perfect for Italian sodas.  And for everyday sodas.  Like, I want to go over there every day and drink my Cherry Pepsi at her house instead of mine.  (My mind was a little bit blown when I saw this, as I did not know such an amazing thing existed!)


(assorted flavored syrups, sparkling water, cream, whipped cream)


And then we had a deliciously savory baked potato bar, with the most delicious lil hot potatoes you could ever imagine:


(baked potatoes, butter, cheese, green onions, bacon, sour cream)


The salad bar was AMAZING!  (and I don’t generally get all that excited about salads.) We had written a few ideas on the chalkboard but it was kind of more fun to just throw a bunch of stuff together and see how it turned out. (delicious. every time. salad! who knew?)


(romaine, spinach, sprink mix, berries, craisins, almonds, black beans, tomatoes, croutons, cheese, avocados, corn, red peppers, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, balsamic vinaigrette, poppyseed dressing, ranch dressing, white vinaigrette dressing)


Obviously, we didn’t forget about dessert.  We had a chocolate fondue bar with all of these lovely things up for the dipping.


(pinneapple, strawberry, banana, graham crackers, bacon, potato chips, pound cake, marshmallows, pirouettes, pretzels)


And then there were these adorably woodlandy party favors, hand-made and DELICIOUS like I never could’ve imagined:

ededIMG_1514 copy


Going along with the “favorite things” theme, we had everyone tell us why their gift was one of their favorite things, so we could all be all in-the-know about what kinds of neat baby gadgets are out now (like that weird thing everyone loves that sucks snot out of kids’ noses!??!)

Of course I can’t NOT throw in a picture of me with these two gorgeous ladies, (and show off our cute banner at the same time).


I’m in the middle with my “sis-from-anotha-miss” on the right, and our friend (who came into town to celebrate with us) is on the left.  I love them both so much and it was a blast to be a part of putting together such a fun party! I can’t wait to meet that cute new lucky little man.




  1. Casey says:

    Hi Chrissy!
    I came across your very cute invitation on Pinterest and was wondering if there was a way to get your design to use for my baby shower? We are doing an adventure/mountain theme for our boy and this invite is perfect!! Please let me know ASAP!
    Thank you!

  2. Rachel says:

    I came across this invitation on Pinterest also and was wondering if there was a way to get your design to use for a baby shower? I am are doing an adventurer theme for my sister’s baby boy and this invite is tho only one I love! Thank you! – Rachel

  3. Lisa Snedeker says:

    I wonder if you I can purchase the adventure awaits invitations for a baby shower for my daughter? If so, what is the timeframe that it would take to arrive?


  4. Kelly says:

    I am in love with your invitation. Throwing my cousin an “adventure” themed baby shower next month. Do you have a downloadable template for this?

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