Turn a mens tie into a baby tie the easy way!

My old ball and chain, tall drink of water, sweetie pie honey buns had a birthday yesterday! My family came down for a bit of the weekend and we got to spend some time with them which was just the best! Any time with family is time well spent… and that’s the truth! So, when it comes to buying gifts for Derek usually I turn to the 3 things he loves, sports, sports, sports. Oh wait, is that just one thing? Well this birthday he said the best gift would be to stay within his small birthday budget he set for himself (I’m known for blowing the budget for birthdays out of the water). Most sporting paraphernalia is more expensive so I would have only been able to get him one thing and with him being in medical school he wouldn’t use it much anyways.

Aren't they so handsome?!

Aren’t they so handsome?!

He kept commenting about how he couldn’t wait until he and Charlie could match for church. Well I put those comments into my birthday register (a note on my phone for ideas) and went to work searching for matching father-baby ties. Most of what I found were thicker ties and Derek likes the slim ties. It was difficult to find a nice slim tie for him and then a matching one for little Charlie. So, I toyed with the idea of making two ties but thought that would be a lot of work and maybe not what I wanted to spend time doing. While I was in the midst of searching online, my sister texted me and told me that the Banana Republic Factory store was having a sale on ties. I went out and found a sale tie I liked so I wouldn’t mess up a tie I spent a lot on and I bought two of the same tie. Then I came home and searched online “how to turn a mens tie into a baby tie” and I found a website that was super helpful.

This is it: http://www.elesahagberg.com/2012/06/make-baby-tie-from-mans-tie.html

Now before you go thinking well this is just someone else’s instructions, let me finish the story. So I made the first cut on the tie to make the end look nice for the front of the tie and my little triangle wasn’t symmetrical. I started to panic and think “great, with one snip, I have ruined it” I then turned the tie around and looked at the tail end of the tie. It’s pretty much the exact right size! So I just did one triangle snip about 16 inches up from the bottom of the tail end and folded it over, pinned it and then hand sewed up the back so that the new tail end of the tie looked good enough to be under the main portion. Then I used elastic and velcro around the neck instead of the tie fabric because I like that the elastic is, well, elastic and stretchy and it’s easy to switch out for a new longer piece of elastic if this one becomes too small. Then I followed the instructions on the website to tie the tie around the elastic and did a quick stitch on the back of the knot to tighten the knot of the tie.

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The ghetto sewing job but I don't mind because it's just a tie for my baby and he doesn't seem to mind :)

The ghetto sewing job but I don’t mind because it’s just a tie for my baby and he doesn’t seem to mind :) But see how the back of the main part is all nice and finished with the silky fabric? I didn’t even have to do any cutting on that end because it was already finished!

It was so easy I plan on taking a bunch of my husbands old ties and doing it again! The secret is to just use the tail end of the tie because it’s already perfect size and finished looking and ready to go! Derek loved the ties and was so excited to match Charlie at church today. He liked his other gifts too as a disclaimer haha


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