The Happiness Remedy

imageKenny and I decided to take a weekend off and go camping at Arches National Park. It was so nice to just get away from all of the things that were causing us stress and just enjoy nature and each others company. We made some delicious tin foil dinners, hiked our hearts out, and nearly froze to death at night! It was actually quite a rejuvenating and relaxing weekend. We had previously had a rough couple of weeks filled with heartache and medical complications. This, on top of the stresses of school and work got me into a kind of “Funk” and I realized I just needed to take a break from the stress and spend some quality time with Kenny and not think about everything else. I think its important in life to be able to know how to remedy these inevitable “Funk” phases in your life. I have found that if I am not actively doing these 5 things, I easily slip into this ill phase in life. So, as my remedy, I simply review these things and find out where I am lacking, and then pick up the slack in that area. Almost always, I immediately find myself in a happier and more cheerful mood. Here is my (personal) remedy!

  1. Reading My Scriptures Daily: This allows me to feel the spirit, and I am able to have a better perspective on life and a better attitude about the trials that come with it.
  2. Exercise: This reduces my stress levels, as well as improve my self esteem. I also have the benefit of not feeling guilty for eating as much ice cream as I do!
  3. Being Productive: Sometimes I’ll get in a habit of watching a Hulu show everyday, or spending too much time on my phone scrolling through the endless Facebook feed. Although this isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing to do, when it becomes a habit it almost always gets me into a “Funk”. It takes away time from my studies, exercise, and time with Kenny. Filling my time with good things always makes me feel better about myself in that I make time for all these other good remedies!
  4. Eating Healthy: Eating Healthy just feels good. It makes me feel like I care about my body, not just in appearance, but in taking care of my body that God gave to me. It also literally makes you feel better! It helps with digestion, alertness, and self-esteem.
  5. Find time to Relax: This one really depends on the reason I am in one of those moods. If it is an external cause that is causing me stress and sadness, like something actually happened to me, this is key. This one works best when I get to relax with Kenny. Our weekend in Arches is a perfect example of this. Relaxing just let me feel like myself again and gain perspective.

This is my remedy. Sometimes I need to adjust all 5 of them, and other times just one or two. However, I am so glad that I have found what makes me happy in life. Instead of feeling trapped when I feel down and out, I just think: well this isn’t normal, what in my life can I improve to make it better. I like to think of it as a game, when life makes a certain move against you you know just how to react. We can’t let life get the best of us, instead we should strive to get the best out of life!


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