The Other 364 Days

If someone asked you if your husband was romantic, what would your answer be? On Friday I walked into the gym, the day before Valentines day, and I was brought into an active discussion with the question, “Venita, is Tim romantic?”
I spent the next hour thinking about it while I worked out.  What exactly is romance? Is romance important? Is it just for Valentine’s Day and marriage proposals and anniversaries?  After looking up the definition, I decided that the other 364 days were just as important as Valentines Day for showing love.
Definition of “romantic”: conducive to or characterized by the expression of love. 
“a romantic candlelit dinner”
Synonyms: loving, amorous, passionate, tender, affectionate; lovey-dovey
So, in my little mind I thought of all the ways my husband is romantic to me 365 days a year.  Here are some of the things I came up with:
1.  I know he would rather spend time with me than with anyone else.
2. He doesn’t surprise me with weekend getaways, or bring me flowers every day,  but he holds my hand often, and it feels oh, so nice when he does.
3. He works hard for our family so I have always been able to be home with our children.
4. He chooses to sit by me in the evenings when more comfortable spots are available.
5. He gives the best hugs and on most days it is the first thing he does upon arriving home from work.
6. He tells me he loves me more than once a day.
7. He asks me to dance with him in kitchen, out of the blue. My favorite dance tune with him is “Remember When” by Alan Jackson.
8. He compliments my cooking, but never falsely, so I know if he says he likes it, he does.
9. He cooks the best breakfasts, ever.
10. He takes care of the bills and always makes it work out.
11. He tries to appreciate my love of old things and sometimes keeps his opinions to himself.
12. He looks for me in a crowded room and smiles when our eyes meet.
13. He wants me to be happy and wants to grow old with me.
14. And when he kisses me, even after 31 1/2 years, my heart still feels all fluttery.
Wow! Just making this list makes me love him even a little bit more! I’ll celebrate the other 364 days a year over one day every time.  Now, go tell your new BFF  ( your journal) all the ways your dear husband shows you how extraordinary you are in every day ways:). Then go tell him!
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~ Venita


  1. BrookeR says:

    Love the list!!! I am just now learning that keeping my opinions to myself is an expression of love. Haha. It is the little things!

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