My Best Pal

So I know I just got married and you’re all expecting this to be about my super awesome, amazing, and adorable husband. But HA! I fooled you. Because it’s not- atleast not this post ;) This post is about where you can find your best pal. It’s really the greatest thing ever when your best friend growing up is your sister. And as all of you know, I have 5 sisters. And of course, I have a very true friend in all of them. But today I’m talking about my little sister Lizzie. And this post is going to convince you to become best gal pals with your sister. Here are some reasons to be best friends forever with your sis:

1. She tells you when you totally cross the line: You know when you have a weird thing going on with your body that you feel weird googling, but don’t wanna ask a doctor or your parents so you talk to your sister (obviously) to make sure its normal? And sometimes its just way too much information? She tells you when it’s too much. But if it’s not too much, she’ll just laugh at you because she’s had the same problem before.

2. She teaches you how to forgive. If you have a fight with a friend, you don’t really HAVE to make up. But when it’s your sister, you know you have to get over it sooner or later because eventually you’re gonna want to borrow that cute shirt she just bought or need someone to go to Target with. A sister is really the only person you could be kicking and scratching and yelling at one second and then the next you’re taking selfies together like nothing ever happened because you’re both having a good hair day.


3. She’ll never talk about you to non-family members. There’s just something in “sister blood” that a sister will literally kick your booty back to where you came from if you say anything about her sister. There’s nobody that “opens a can of whoop-ass” sooner than a girl defending her sister.

4. She tells you EVERYTHING. Not only just about her life, but she tells you when someone even so much as mentions your name to her or sends any sort of negative vibes your way. That way, you know who actually has your back and who just likes to talk about you….(trolls)

5. She’ll tell you how it is. If you look fat in that picture you’re about to post, or if that outfit just really isn’t working for you, she’ll tell you. Not to be rude, just to save you from having others say it about you later and make sure you look FLAWLESS when you’re goin out.

6. She gives the best boy advice. I mean let’s be real: unless you’re married, she knows you ten times better than the guy you’re with. And she can tell you when someone isn’t good for you, and when you can do ten times better.

7. She’s always looking out for you. When I say this I don’t mean keeping all your secrets from mom and dad and “having your back” if you get caught. A sister knows when to keep a secret and when mom and dad should really know what’s going on. And sometimes she really saves you from going down a path that you really don’t want to go down by dropping a hint to the parents. She also knows exactly when to remind you that God loves you.

8. You start to know each other so well that when you were little you stopped having to say “now you say this:” when you were playing dolls because you both knew you wanted the same thing to happen in the game.


9. She’s the best road trip seat buddy ever. Because you both like the same music and when you’re sick of your playlist you can trade phones with her and listen to hers. Also, you’re not afraid to share phones because you know her fingers won’t be greasy from the mcdonalds drive thru that morning like your little brother’s are. Also, sisters tend to be a less smelly road trip seat buddy option than your little brothers.


10. She’ll love you always. She doesn’t care what you’ve done, where you’ve been, how many times you’ve worn her things without asking, how many times you’ve rudely ignored her when your other friends were over, or how many times you ate the last of the good cereal. She’ll always forgive you, and you’ll always forgive her.

Anyways, there’s my post in honor of Liz. I’ve obviously moved on to a new chapter in my life getting married and all, but i’ll always cherish the relationship that I have with my little sister. Love you Lizzie :)




  1. Stephie says:

    Jenny! I loved your post! You and Lizzie’s relationship reminds me of me and Chrissy:) (right, crust?) it’s fun that we have 3 pairs of sisters in our family. We are all close with each other and at various times, closer with one than another–but we grew up close in age in pairs. Worked out nice! I hope Flossie has a sister someday

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