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This week we had Young Women in Exellence, a night at our church that is all about celebrating the good things the girls (teenage) are doing as they work on their Personal Progress (a program our church has for them to work on bettering themselves and following the Savior). To learn more go to

The theme we chose was “Create Your Own Sunshine,” which was an idea we found on Pinterest by a Marci Coombs. We didn’t use any of her printables or anything else but the theme idea.

I was put in charge of decorations. As I was thinking of ways to bring “sunshine” into the room I thought, hey there are so many great quotes out there about letting in light shine and happiness. What if I make a bunch of signs with uplifting inspirational quotes and hang them all over the room so people are uplifted just by reading them. Then in our presidency meeting the thought came up: “What if we let the girls each take one of the signs home? They can just choose whichever one speaks to them the most and then there’s our little take-home thing for the night.”

Well I thought they turned out pretty cute. I designed them all myself and printed them out on thicker cardstock paper (most on white but I also did a few on yellow) and then I used twine and clothespins to hang them up along the wall. It made it easy for everyone to just take one at the end.

Well sometime during the evening, in a conversation with one of our Stake Young Women Presidency members she told me “You should put these up on Pinterest! Seriously! So people who are looking for something like this can benefit from it. People like me.”

So I thought about it and decided that will be my post today. I am just going to share these quotes with you and then pin some of them to pinterest from here so others can find them and use them if they wish. (for free of course)

***Disclaimer: I know full well that those who suffer from cinical depression have a harder time creating that happiness within themselves and often need professional help and/or medication to help them battle their illess. Saying “create your own sunshine” in no way is meant to discredit the real struggles they deal with as they try to bring happiness into their life.


This one I actually drew a little pair of sunglasses on, at the bottom, with a sharpie. Obviously that isn’t on here because I did that by hand.












develop deep beauty


don't live your life in despair healing comes I am in charge of how I feel






If you want to give light


life is perfect for none of us



our quest for light


scattersunshine The Lord is my Light themoreweincline there is no darkness




through our mortal eyes








we must trust in the Lord


With Christ darkness cannot succeed





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