Making the House a Home

When Derek and I first got married, we lived in a hole in the ground apartment (literally it was like a hole in the ground). It was down a creepy dark hallway underneath of a Thai food restaurant. The closet was off of the living area (about 12 square feet) and it had a miniature oven/stove and the bathroom was the tiniest thing I have ever seen and in a corner of the kitchen. Some of our family members liked to call it the bat cave (but in my opinion, it wasn’t as cool). It was dingy and not much to look at but it was really cheap so we figured we would live there as long as we could stand it and then move. It was a sad sight to see and it could have been depressing to live there but we figured it was all part of our newly married adventure. I remember a few months after we moved in I wanted to do something to decorate and make our tiny apartment feel more like our home. We got a few picture frames for our wedding so I put some wedding pictures in them and hung them above our little loveseat and went out and bought a tin star and hung that above our tv. For some reason buying that star and putting it above our tv made it feel more like home every day when I walked in.
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I figured if I could make our bat cave apartment feel like home, I could make any place feel like home! After that, I have tried to put something up on my walls soon after I move somewhere new because it makes me feel so much different. Being home actually feels like being home. This past week I have been at my mom’s house and she made a Valentine’s Day banner using paint chips in different shades of pink. I thought it made it look so cheery and cute that I wanted to make one but since Valentine’s Day is over, I decided to use shades of yellow so it would be bright and happy. I finished my little banner yesterday and put it up across my window and it makes me happy when I see it because it was a little  (free) thing that I did to make our house more of our home.

Not the greatest picture but I promise, it looks cute!

Also while at my parents this past weekend I went to Joann’s with my mom and grandma. I walked by the picture frames and saw some that were on sale for $9.99! They are matted to an 8×10 size which is just what I have been lazily looking for to hold some newborn pictures of my little guy. I bought two of those picture frames and I am so excited about them! Who knew you could get so excited about picture frames?! I put his little pictures in them last night and I just love the frames even more. Now I just need to decide where to hang them!
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Ever since my experience with that star (which traveled across the country with us and hangs in my apartment now) I want to always have things on my walls that make me feel like I’m home. With Derek being on the Air Force scholarship for medical school, I know when we serve our time in the military we may be moving often but I want to make it a goal to always have pictures and my star on our walls so that my husband, child(ren) and I always feel happy and home when we walk through the front door.

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