This past week was a lot of fun. Charlie and I went up to my parents house and helped put on a bridal shower for my little sister. It turned out pretty and the food was delicious! We did brunch and had french toast casseroles, frittatas, a delicious pear arugula salad, bacon, fresh fruit, a divine nutella mousse, and all different juices.



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One of my roommates from college and good friends recently moved near my parents so on Friday I got to see her and her husband and cute little boy! It was so fun to see them and hopefully we’ll be seeing them a lot more in the future! We had a little birthday celebration for Charlie that night and he got more cake and ice cream and more presents. He is a lucky little boy.




On Saturday Derek studied most of the day but then took some time in the evening to swim with Charlie and then took me out on a date for some ice cream and window shopping in one of my favorite places. We love going out with Charlie but it is nice every once in a while to go out somewhere on our own.



On the 2 hour drive home from my parents’ Derek and I chatted about our future and our financial plans for our future. I love talking about our specific financial plans for the future because it makes our situation now seem unique and short which is always good to remember because we really want to enjoy this time as young parents of our one little boy. I know that some people may read that and think that we don’t know specifics and we don’t know what things may come up and we don’t but it’s always good to have a plan and then we will just readjust that plan as things come up. At one point towards the end of the conversation Derek said something like “well there’s my ten year plan! Or more like my life plan.” He’s a real planner :)

Now we are back home and I’m putting away some home goods I collected while I was at my parents’ house and I’m loving the new to me things. Well, that’s all that on my mind this morning, now back to laundry, dishes, and cleaning!


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