Cheeseball: Teaching our Children

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what I am teaching my kids.  I know that what I teach them indirectly will effect them way more that what I teach them directly, especially at this point in their little lives.  Brad and I made the decision last year to always watch every session of general conference as a family. (except relief society and priesthood of course) We talked about how when we were little, we didnt, and I think the main reason for that was that you had to actually GO to conference at the church, in sunday best, to watch.  That was far away, would take all day, not to mention mess with naps, etc.

Before deciding this a year ago we would watch the sunday ones, and usually at least part of or one sunday session, but didnt worry about missing the other because we could always watch it later.  We started thinking about how our children, while they get very little of what the general authorities of the church are teaching, would grow up knowing that when prophets and apostles speak, we listen.  And we dont listen when it’s convenient, we listen now.  Last April was our first go at all 8 hours of family conference and it was crazy, and somewhat of a fight.  This time, we thought we would actually make it clearly something we were EXCITED for.  We made snacks and had coloring pictures and the kids could play but needed to do so quietly.

IMG_0339How did it go?  I had overwhelming feelings of love for my family, and my Savior, and the gospel.  I had prayers answered.  Anyway, it has inspired me to be even more aware of what I am teaching my kids indirectly.  I wish I could know how Heavenly Father saw me, because so much of the time I feel like Im just trotting along, trying to keep my nose above water, but never trying my best, and making sure I am having fun as I go.  I just think sometimes our inclination is to just do what our parents did, but since we have more available to us, our kids will learn differently about our priorities than we did.

On a different note, cheeseball.  (this applies because we made it for conferfence haha) This cheeseball is a family favorite.  Everyone in my Dimmick family has always loved cheeseballs but I never liked the ones from the store.  They were too strong for me.  I had this one at an office party once and loved it and have changed it over time. I can never find the recipe and so its all from memory.  Here it is!



1 can crushed pineapple in juice

1 bag of finely shredded colby jack or cheddar cheese (the 4 cup size)

1 block of cream cheese- softened if you have time and remember!

handful of parsley cut up or 1  1/2ish teaspoons dried parsley if you are lazy

chopped walnuts or pecans

1) get a clean cloth and squeeze almost all the juices out of the pineapple, dunp in bowl.


2) dump all other ingredients EXCEPT NUTS! into the bowl.


3) mix thoroughly with hands and form a ball.


4) roll the ball in the nuts.

5) place on pedestal where it belongs.  Refrigerate until you are ready to eat! Kids love it with Ritz crackers.


FEELING FANCY? add chopped bacon and green onions to your mix! MMMMM.


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  1. Sarah Jayne says:

    That looks phenomenal! (The cheeseball). I love that you guys made a commitment to watch all sessions as a family. It makes me kind of grateful that I spent my childhood in Idaho so we had always watched conference at home together. I remember not being allowed to play outside, even on Saturday, and being down in the basement together watching all the sessions together ( and playing quietly with toys, but also being shushed a lot lol) on the TV. We did have to go watch at the stake center when we lived in Puerto Rico but that was only for a couple of years.
    I am guilty of making my kids go play upstairs a couple of times during this past conference when they were getting too rowdy and I couldn’t hear. You have inspired me to be better next time and to take more time to prepare beforehand (this time life was busy). Thanks for that!

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