A Busy Week

This has been a full week.  The POD arrived, full of Flossie’s furniture and belongings and many many boxes of clothes, like 12 large boxes of clothes!!    I guess after 85 years, you have a lot of clothes :).  We got the POD unloaded and all into the house.  Then the chaos ensued.  My living/dining room looked like this.

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 3

After 3 days of moving, shifting, discarding and setting aside some of our old furniture for Goodwill, I have some order back.  Still many boxes of clothing and dishes to unpack, but I can do that fairly quickly, I hope:).  I must hurry, however, the smell of the cardboard and the dust is getting to all of us!


These are some of the clothes boxes!!

These are some of the clothes boxes!!

All kitchen dishes, bakeware and china.

All kitchen dishes, bakeware and china.

We watched and loved the premier of Survivor Second Chance.  I just love this show and so wish  someone I know could go on.  Do you love Survivor?  We donned our buffs and took pictures and made our own intro video as to why each of us would win.  We are Survivor nerds.


She HAS to be a Survivor fan if she's going to live here!  Poor Lady!

She HAS to be a Survivor fan if she’s going to live here! Poor Lady!

I loved, loved, loved my weekend with Mandy and Charlie and Jenny and Lizzie.  It was fun to spend time with some of my girls and adorable Charlie.  We found a fun place for breakfast, shopped, relaxed, shopped and went to the beach, then were spiritually uplifted at our General Women’s Meeting.  A perfect time together.


Tim and I’s 32nd wedding anniversary is tomorrow.  We’ve never been big on gifts, usually just a card and a dinner out sometime near our anniversary to celebrate.  But this year, I am thinking, due to our life situation, taking care of Flossie, that maybe a little break might be enjoyed.  I am considering taking advantage of having Jenny here to take over Flossie’s care, maybe we could get a way for 24 hours, go to Disney or something.  We will see.  We look like babies!!


October 1, 1983, Sunderland, MD

October 1, 1983, Sunderland, MD

I have been regularly going to the gym.  I have been sore every day, but I am getting used to it and am able to walk normal, most days.  Today my arms and chest are sore.  Our finisher, after a hard 45 minute workout, was 10 jump squats, then 10 push ups, then 9 squat jumps, then 9 push ups, and so on down to 1 each.  I did girl push ups and it was still so hard.  I sweat so much, so I must be doing something good.


Jenny and I have been busy planning her wedding.  Things are coming together.  She has some fun ideas that will be very doable and be perfect for her November day.  She and I had fun working on these pretty little boards for my home and for her new home.   I love my little sign on my new treasure, this pretty Hoosier Cabinet from Flossie.  Isn’t it perfect!


Our meals have been lame due to spending time unloading, moving furniture and boxes, all while still living life and doing laundry.  So, I am pretty proud of myself today, I have some beef in the crock pot and will bake some potatoes and make a salad.  It sounds so good, a real meal.


So, that is all, maybe next week I will post pictures of our home a little more put together.  I would love that.



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