My new ward here had an activity with the women where they each got to show off a talent that they had.  I was planning on going, and hadnt quite nailed down what to bring for it.  It made me reflect all week though on my talents.


This morning I had told Brad I wanted to make a bright and colorful quilt for the end of our bed to cheer up our all white bed. (I love white) He laughed and said, “okay!” This sent me into a crazy person laugh fest.. spiraling downward and out of control.  Im not quite sure why it struck me as so funny. I was crying, couldnt breathe.. I mean I was laughing HARD.  My thought process went through how the only other quilt I have ever made was one for Brad.  He wrote me a song as a wedding gift and had asked me to either make him a quilt or paint him a picture.  I made him a quilt and the next year painted him something. These are things that I cherish…. I.  I.  I.  hahahah, oh boy here it comes again.


My next thoughts were, that if you have a REAL talent, others ask you to share it, you dont have to push it onto them.  I then realized (in a humorous, not depressing way) that I have no talent that anyone really cares about! When I think of talent I think of specific things people are REALLY good at DOING.


Anyway, I dont really have anywhere I am GOING with this other than to share that I know I do have talents, and even though they are varied and not big, they are there and they make me, me.  AND the best part is that I have no problem shoving a cookie in anyones face and saying, “I made this! And its SOO GOOD.”  Or showing a bonnet and saying, “look!  Isnt this adorable?!” I am not very humble, because people tend to find partial talents endearing, haha.  Okay, Happy Friday! Go brag about a talent!



  1. Venita says:

    You have so many talents, I’m happy you posted a few pictures depicting a tiny few of them:). To me some of our best talents are not seen, but felt. Like being kind, accepting, a good listener, the first to sign up, having empathy, a sense of humor., etc. great post, made me think of one of mine. By the way, my favorite picture is the picnic. It includes so many aspects of being a happy mother, and I just love it!!

  2. Chrissy says:

    “People tend to find partial talents endearing.” This is the truest thing I’ve ever read! Haha. When I think about my “talents”, every thing I come up with is immediately followed by a “oh, but so and so is way better at that than me, so maybe mine’s not really a talent.” And then I’m through my whole list and have realized I don’t have any actual talents. But, I can always think of a big long lists of other people’s talents, so maybe THAT’S my talent? Haha. Or maybe we all have a hard time seeing our own and calling them talents.

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