Beach buns

The title goes for both my hair (which was actually in a braid but is normally in a bun) and for the sandy buns we all came home with!


Anyways, yesterday was just the best day. Every semester, Derek has 3-4 big exams. To make those days something to look forward to, Derek takes the rest of the day after his test off and we all get to spend time together and sort of pretend like we aren’t in medical school for the day.

Charlie must have known he was in for a fun day because he was still taking his morning nap when Derek got home a little before noon and slept even a little past that. He took a three hour nap which doesn’t happen all to often so he just must have known it would be a fun afternoon! Once we all had lunch together, we packed up and headed to the beach.


The last couple of times we went to the beach with my sister, Charlie loved the little blow up pool that she brings to the beach so we stopped by Walmart to pick one up. It was bigger than what we were originally wanting but it worked great for what we wanted and seriously made our beach trip 100 times more fun for all of us. If you have a young child or baby, I highly recommend buying one of these! They are only about $10 and made our day a lot better by cutting down on shells to the mouth and helped to distract Charlie from crawling straight into the ocean. Thank you so much for sharing your beach secret Steph!


This pool can go taller but I figured blowing up the top ring was unnecessary and also I didn’t want to do it


Charlie is just learning to walk and it was so fun to see him taking steps in the sand. He loves the beach so much which makes  Derek and I so happy because we do too. There is something about the beach with the sound of the water and the warm sand that is so refreshing and we all left feeling so happy and wonderful. After the beach we came home to de-sand ourselves and then we headed out again for dinner at our favorite Mexican place where Charlie had his first meal out. Usually I just give him some of mine but he always eats so much for meals that we figured we would see if it was worth it to buy him his own and it was. He ate all the inner contents of a chicken burrito, some of the tortilla, and some applesauce and apple juice.


After we put Charlie to bed, we looked through all the pictures and videos of the day and they are some of the videos that I want to save as official home videos (however you do that… maybe I’ll put them on a VHS). But anyways, there are so many days lately where we don’t get to all hang out together which just makes the ones that we do 100 times better!



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  1. Sherrie Scott says:

    So fun to share your day at the beach. Here in Montana we are heading into fall and winter and already have snow in the mountains , only about 30 miles from where we live. Your sunshine looks wonderful!

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