Oklahoma State Fair: Photo Tour

I know it is everyone’s life-dream to get to go to the Oklahoma State Fair, so I decided to be charitable this week and share a little taste of what it’s like to be there.

We had a leisurely morning and got there around 1:30.  Just in time for the Swifty Swine Pig Races.


We got to see “Swifty” herself do some world record-breaking swimming.


Then we had to get started on our big list of food.  This is our favorite place for Fried Mac & Cheese:



Fried Mac & Cheese

SOMEbody’s not a huge fan of all this photography. (hint: he’s wearing a pig nose like a unicorn horn.)


WHILE WE’RE AT IT, we may as well go get our main course.



Chipotle Beef Burrito

These Burritos are DELICIOUS. And so are my children:



Root Beer

The lemonade didn’t last long with 4 people dying of thirst, so we got a cute lil tiny gallon of root beer. (I KNOW ITS NOT A GALLON IM BEING CUTE)


We made our way over to what I like to call “Freak Show Alley” where these things ACTUALLY exist:


This World’s Smallest Horse one has a little banner inside that says, “Too small for evey a BABY to ride!”


We found a cute little kids play area where Cam had fun showing the kids magnet magic:

And they did some Spin Art:


We walked around a few of the Expo buildings (with “shopping of all kinds” inside) and then hunted down our favorite Crepe place. Naturally, we tried to eat as quickly as possible so we didn’t have to waste very many bites on the children.


Strawberry Crepe


In that same building, there’s a booth that sells the creamiest, most delicious ice cream. I got a giant size so that the kids could have some.


Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae

And look how happy he is about it:


I think she likes it too, but there’s no way to know for sure:


And now we’ll move on to the allergy portion of our day.  The Agriculture building has all sorts of cute farmy things.


The kids loved watching the “exotic chickens” scampering around in their pen.  And these little incubators had chicks at different stages of hatching.  This particular chick is obviously in the “done” stage:


Checking out a cow:


“Farmer for a day” is such an adorable little activity.  The kids get an apron and a basket and they plant a seed. (or EAT a seed like SOMEone tried to do.)


They collect eggs from the chicken coop:


They pick apples:


They dig up some potatoes and harvest some pumpkins:


Then they sell their baskets of farmed goods for a $5 bill, then trade that for a $1 bill, then trade that for a tootsie roll. (I know, I know… I guess it’s a weird economy in tiny fake farm town.)


See my little sad farm girl? She’s not REALLY sad, she’s just trying to channel her inner “American Gothic” woman.


We watched the “Farmyard Follies” Edu-tainment show and it was especially Folly-ridden this year since this cute little kid (the white one) kept escaping.

IMG_3387 IMG_3390

Next, we checked out the petting zoo.  They had deer, goats, kangaroos, a baby donkey, chickens, and even a pregnant goat that let me feel her lil baby goat kicking in her belly.
IMG_3399 IMG_3407

Audrey was missing her nap, so she was especially clingy, but I didn’t mind.


Look how tiny the little goats are!


When we walked outside, there was this gorgeous rainbow-sky smiling at us. It was all: #merica (or something).


Then, just to see how much our allergies could handle, we got into a giant tent with horses, dogs and acrobats! (We love the Fair’s circus, btw.  Very cute and funny and different every year. It’s the Zoppe Italian Family Circus.)

And we couldn’t leave without getting some roasted corn.


Or a close-up shot of my seasoning job.


Roasted Corn


Or a WAY-TOO-CLOSE-UP shot of me taking my first buttery bite.


And a day-long outing isn’t complete without a good sit in the grass.


Ben has this thing where he likes it when people (I guess really just me or Cam) push him till he falls on the ground. It cracks him up.


Its all fun and games until we stop and he yells, “Hit me again, Mom!”


Cameron snapped this little pic as we passed the circus on our way out:


And both kids were asleep before we even left the parking lot. Fun day!




  1. Venita says:

    I NEED to move to Oklahoma!! This reminded me of going to the state Fair in California, it was so fun, all of it!! So happy you do these things with your family!

  2. Sherrie Scott says:

    Really enjoyed all the gorgeous pictures of you and your family doing all the fun Fair things! I was a 4H leader for 30 years with a horse club and loved the fair every year with all the kids and animals!

  3. Stephie says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I’ve never been to a state fair … Are they all this awesome?! The food alone looks amazing and you made me laugh out loud about the “hit me again!” Moment haha. Also, gorgeous pictures!

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