New House, New Life, New York

I will admit that my last post was a bit of a downer but thats just how I felt.  Today, I would love to show you a few pictures of our new home, tell you some things I love about it up here, and try to be a little more positive. :)


This is our new (OLD) house.  It is so cute on the outside and has tons of light on the inside.  Lots of charm, interesting nooks and crannies, and space where we need it!  It is 4 minutes from Brad’s work, in a very nice and charming part of a beautiful little suburb town.  I always wanted an old house, and never wanted a big house.  This is perfect for both.

However, when we got here I found myself saddened by how much I hated some parts that are OLD about it.  The basement.  The “central A/C” that doesnt quite work.  The fact that there is only one outlet and vent per room, no matter the size.

But, as time has past and we have settled in some, I am used to these things and love the house. Here’s the backyard:



We have always had a super long dinner table and would invite a crowd over even in our smaller space, but now… NOW the dining table has a room that I love as much as the table. IMG_9464I want to paint all the chairs a pale mint color.  Someday.  Also, the stuff on the sides is not normally there… (or is that a lie like in Chrissy’s post?! haha.. it is a lie.)  There is NO pantry and so we have those amazing ikea cabinets in the back that hold A TON. IMG_9466I made that sign. I like it.

IMG_9469Facing into the family room you can see a fun and functional kids area with a desk/table and giant drawer on the other side.  We use the little table almost as much as we use netflix. (keepin it real)

IMG_9463The fireplace juts out into the middle of the room and makes it impossible to center the room with two sofas.  BUT I kind of love it divided the way it is.  Here’s the other side. IMG_9462

I have big plans for that wall behind the couch!

Anyway, some other things I love about the area is how gorgeous it is.  Everytime I drive anywhere I have to resist filming the entire drive for fear of looking like the people walking around Disney (RIP) with a video camera.  The rolling hills, open woods, huge trees and clear air.  Just gorgeous.  Every night this week we have gone to this state park 7 minutes away that is just BEAUTIFUL.  We play, run, throw rocks, explore and climb. IMG_9328

IMG_9258We have also gone to a couple of farms and explored. Lots to do around here and with no friends or church obligations yet, we have been busy doing it all!IMG_1912

We went to church last sunday for the first time here and everyone was SUPER nice.  Its a cute small congregation and the members seem strong and kind.  We will get more involved soon Im sure but for now we are just enjoying everyday feeling like the weekend with Brad being home so much and nothing to do! IMG_1951

Sawyer DID NOT want his picture taken.  Flossie looks like she should go yodel somewhere.  I dont understand the phrase “less is more” when it comes to her outfits.

Everyone here does like to warn us that the snow is coming, and wont leave for a long time. EVERYONE.  We got a taste for that on sunday when it was in the 50s and drizzling.  The coats and warm sweats and jammies came today though! We are ready!  Thanks for pretending to be interested! haha :) IMG_9474






  1. Laura says:

    Stephie I love it!! It is ridiculously adorable and I want to come visit right now! Are you renting or did you buy this cute place? We’re doing the “50s and drizzling” thing too. Miss you! Oh, and I think Miss Flossie looks perfect.

  2. Christine says:

    I love stuff like this…. and by stuff, I mean your entire house and where you live and how green it is and that you live near farms and the coats and warm jammies. That house is just beautiful and has so much character!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to hear your about your new journey!!!

  3. Kara says:

    Hey Stephie! This house is adorable and I am so happy for you guys…and a little jealous too that you are in NY. Enjoy the apple picking, hayrides, snowmen and all the fun things living in a state with 4 seasons has to offer!

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