Moments that last Forever

Do you ever have those moments that feel so perfect and happy you almost see them from an outsiders perspective on an old film reel? That last part might just be me but I’m sure the first part isn’t!

I had one of those moments the other night. Charlie was in his jammies and in his daddy’s arms and we were all dancing and laughing. It felt so perfect and I kept thinking about that small moment throughout the night. As I went to bed I told Derek how perfect that moment felt and he agreed. We talked about how much we love moments like that where¬†we seem to forget all of the things we are stressed about and just feel pure joy. One of us (I can’t remember which) then said that we wished moments like that lasted forever. I got to thinking about that and I think that those are what lasts forever.

These two make walking into Walmart feel happy.

These two make walking into Walmart feel happy.

In my faith, we believe in eternal life after death and that through the power of God, we can be with our families forever. While I don’t know all the particulars about what all aspects of life will be like after death (like will there be Publix Subs and Tijuana Flats queso) I think that it will be full of moments of pure joy like I had dancing in the living room with my husband and sweet baby (who is almost 1!).


I had these thoughts on my mind as I was in church yesterday. I was attending with my little family, my parents, younger siblings, and my older sister and her family (who are moving away this week). We stood to sing a song about counting your blessings. I was sitting in the row behind my older sister’s family and my mom and dad and most of my younger siblings and I started to look down the row in front of me. I made eye contact with my mom and saw her looking down the row at her children who were each once her little baby. I started to think about how blessed I am to have such wonderful loving parents who shared and still share special moments with each of their children. Then I thought of my sister and her family and how lucky and blessed I am to have lived close to her this past year. I started to cry and then felt like a real mom because I was getting emotional during a song in church. My little sister Lizzie would definitely call that a mom thing! But there was just something about singing all together about counting our blessings because we are so very blessed. Even though there were tears, it was another moment of perfect joy because I was there with people I love and who have blessed my life so much. When life gets tough I hope I always remember these moments of pure joy and I look forward to an eternity full of them!

As my mom went to take this picture of me hugging this sweet girl, I said "but I have tears" to which she replied "you look great". That's what moms are for.

As my mom went to take this picture of me hugging this sweet girl, I said “but I have tears” to which she replied “you look great”. That’s what moms are for.



  1. Venita says:

    I love this post and memories that last forever. I was thinking exactly the same thing as you during the hymn. It was perfect. Sometimes I wonder why I am so very blessed. Thank you for reminding me that this life really is about the moments of joy and perfection we experience in the midst of living you:).

  2. Marie Blackwelder says:

    Mandy you expressed yourself so well! You even had me crying as I pictured this scene in my mind. Thanks for the reminder of the simply joys in life and better yet to look for them.

    • A Lovely Flock says:

      Well that makes me feel good that you could understand what I was describing :) I love seeing you when I go up to my parents because you are so positive and happy. I am striving to be more like that!

  3. Stephie says:

    This was a beautiful post. I know exactly what you mean about those perfect moments. I have so many of those engraved forever in my heart. We will sorely miss living near you Mandy, and getting to watch sweet Charlie grow. I’m also so sad to leave the family. Exciting things are ahead, as well as many trials.

  4. Shalece says:

    Hi Dimmick girls. Very well put Mandy! I have had many of these moments but sometimes have a hard time remembering them at tough times during the week. This post has helped put things back in perspective. I am so thankful for so many moments that last forever! Thank you!

    • A Lovely Flock says:

      Thank you so much for reading :) You are such a wonderful person and I really look up to you! I feel like for me, when things are great they are so great but then it does get so difficult when things are hard to not feel like everything is going wrong and to remember the good but it’s my goal!

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