Little Outdoorsman Baby Shower

Okay, so about a month and a half ago I threw my friend Marinn a baby shower (for her first baby!). I had a lot of fun putting it together and I put a lot of time and effort into it because she’s my best friend and I wanted it to be special because it’s her first baby. So I decided this week I would just share some of the things I did/made and what games we played at the shower (there were some great ones). Most of the ideas weren’t my own, so I don’t take credit for the genius of them. Thanks to Pinterest, I don’t have to think for myself anymore! Who needs creative, original, ideas when you can just do what Pinterest tells you to, right???


My friend Marinn and I. She’s due in September!

I didn’t get pictures of every single detail because I was too busy hosting it, so you’ll just have to imagine some of it. These are all pictures other people at the party took. Sorry!


I made the invitations using my Silhouette machine. I downloaded a cut file from the Silhouette store for free using my $20 gift card I got when I bought my Silhouette Cameo. It made it really easy to make the invites. I just had to decide how big I wanted them to be. I used the sketch pen feature to write the info on the inside of the cards.


Not the best lighting but this is the only picture I’ve got. The inside says “Oh Deer! A little buck is on the way” and then the shower info




The food spread. The only picture where you can see the cute striped plates and chalkboard banner from Target.


  • Chicken Salad Sandwiches (main filler)
  • Veggies and Ranch Dip (to be healthy. duh)
  • Fruit inside waffle cones (for ease. Each person just grabs a waffle cone full of fruit and berries)- saw this idea a couple of times on Pinterest so I won’t site any specific source.


    Fruit in waffle cones and veggies and dip above that

  • “Bowtie” Pasta Salad (side dish)
  • “Twigs n’ Sticks” (chocolate wafers and pretzel sticks)
  • Teddy Grahams (with a label saying “don’t feed the bears!” for cuteness effect). This is where I copied this idea from11041212_10153067237636378_8266079954241190501_n
  • S’mores Marshmallow Pops- Jumbo sized Marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate and then covered in graham cracker crumbs (saw this idea in different variations on Pinterest but didn’t follow anyone’s specific instructions so I won’t give any credit to any one place. Just know that I didn’t think of this on my own)
  • Chocolate Acorns- Hershey kisses, mini Nilla Wafers, and peanut butter chips (I happened to already have those on hand but I’m sure other kinds of chips would work too) “glued” together with melted chocolate (saw this several times on Pinterest with variations including using mini Chips Ahoy cookies instead of Nilla Wafers and such. Didn’t follow any exact instructions)


    Here you can see the chocolate acorns and the S’mores marshmallow pops

  • “Moss”-covered cupcakes (original idea and instructions from here)


    “moss” covered cupcakes

  • Aaaaand, my favorite: A Build-Your-Own Trail Mix Station complete with Peanuts, Mini Marshmallows,
    Cashews, Raisins, Almonds, Pistachios (shell-less), M&Ms, and Peanut Butter M&Ms (you can do any variation of nuts and other things, including different kinds of M&Ms). I was inspired by a picture found on here.

Trail Mix Station (and the real antlers from home for decoration)



  • Plates, straws, napkins, cups, Thank You stickers on party favors, little bags for trail mix station, and banners all from Target
  • Wooden forks because it just added that special touch. I found them at a pretty good price from a shop on Etsy (there are a few that sell them) but I’ve also seen them at places like Hobby Lobby.

I didn’t get a picture of the forks that I used but they looked like this. I got this picture from


  • Paper Squirrel, paper deer head, food labels made with Silhouette machine
  • Pinecone salt n’ pepper shaker, real antlers, and large decorative sticks in a large jar were some things I just had lying around at home that I used to decorate at the shower.

Party Favors:

S’mores kits. clear plastic treat bags with a graham cracker broken in half, individually wrapped snack-size Hershey Bars, and a marshmallow in each. A tag on each bag says “Thank You!” They were placed in a basket near the door for guests to grab as they went out.


These aren’t the ones I did. I never got a picture of them. But this is one of the pictures I was inspired by and mine ended up looking pretty similar to this one from



  • Baby Scattergories -Similar to regular Scattergories except there are different categories, like “things said while in labor,” and they have to come up with words starting with certain letters. I was inspired by one found on here.

This is the one I used for inspiration, except I just typed it up myself and changed it up a little bit. But I copied the layout and some of the categories.


  • Name Race- This one was simple AND useful as the parents-to-be hadn’t decided for sure on a name yet at that point. This game was simply to write down a different boy name for every letter of the alphabet as possible. It is timed and the person who came up with the most at the end wins. (note: they have to be real actual names that people have heard of. If it is in question, there can be a vote)
  • Name That Poo- Yeah, yeah, I know: gross. But I don’t care. This one gets people laughing and that’s a good thing! Parties are supposed to be FUN! So yeah, I threw this one in there. For those who don’t know this one, it is where you melt different chocolate bars in diapers (to make it look like a messy diaper) and guests have to guess what candy bar is in each diaper. They can look, touch, and even sniff, BUT NO TASTING (when you explain this rule it always gives everyone a little chuckle because, well, who would want to taste it? It looks disgusting)

Marinn and I giving each other good ol’ hearty belly laughs over the looks of some of the “poopy” diapers.


  • Pass the Parcel- This one is just a little poem that has the guests passing around a gift according to instructions in the poem. The one who ends up with it keeps it. Super simple and is nice for those guests who can only put in half their effort because they brought a baby or child(ren) who are demanding their attention. Anyone could end up winning this game and they don’t even have to be trying.

This is the poem I used. The website I got it from is in in the lower right corner.


  • What is Mommy Wearing?- This is just your basic “have the mommy-to-be leave the room all the sudden and everyone has to try and remember what she is wearing” game. Simple. The more details they can remember the better because if there is a tie, the one with the most detailed answers wins.
  • Who did it? Mommy or Daddy?- This one was my favorite! It needs to be planned in advance but it is totally worth it because it ends up being one of the highlights of the party. For this one, you need to be in contact with the mothers of the parents-to-be (try FB messaging them if they are on FB, or get their numbers from the mommy-to-be, telling her that you need their help for something for the shower). Ask them to each give you a list of 5 or so things that the mommy and daddy-to-be did when they were little ones. They can be just any cute little thing they did or said. (For example, the mom of the father-to-be told me that when he was little he used to try and nurse dolls, pulling up his shirt and everything). The guests must guess who did what and it ends up in lots of laughter and “awwwwwww”s. For some of the things, the mother-to-be herself didn’t even know all the answers so it was fun for her to hear about these cute little things and try to guess which one of them did it. Here’s a link to the version I came up with in case anyone is curious about some of the funny things the mothers said. Who was it


And that’s all folks! I think so at least… I threw this party more than a month ago so there may be more that I’m not remembering.


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