New Things

I haven’t written in so long and I’ve missed this outlet and place to share my feelings and things that are happening in my life. I’ve had a lot of things on my mind lately but I’ll save those thoughts for another day. Today I just wanted to share a few of my favorite things that Charlie’s doing. They aren’t so much milestones as little personality quirks that I just love.


Lately he has been doing this thing where he will crawl quickly toward a toy that he wants and then just dive at it. Sometimes he judges the distance correctly but other times he comes up about 2 or 3 feet short and then just lays there and tries to reach for the toy. I love watching him lay on his belly and play with his toys. He looks so dang big when he does it that it makes me sad but also happy that he is making more connections and decisions on his own. Another thing he does on his belly is he will grab a book or books and crawl sliding a book along the floor under one hand and then sprawl out and look at the book. It makes my teacher heart so happy to see him interested in books!


Have you ever heard a baby crunch a Ritz cracker? It has to be one of the cutest sights to see and noises to hear. The first time I gave him one it was like he knew exactly what to do. Sometimes when I’m cooking and he is fussy and standing at my leg, I’ll hand him a cracker and he gets the biggest grin and will sit down and eat the cracker. Also on this subject, he loves those vanilla cream wafers and it’s so cute when he crunches those too.

He does things to be funny and laughs at his own little “jokes”. Sometimes after dinner he will smack his hand on his tray and then look up and laugh. Or he will just do other random things and look at me and laugh and of course I do because how can I resist :)


We only give Charlie his pacifier when he is going to sleep (so there is one in his crib) and when we are in the car (so there is one in his carseat). He is a little mischievous boy because he goes over to his carseat, tries to spot if the pacifier is in there and then will climb into/tip over his carseat to grab it out of there. After a few times of it happening we started just keeping it on the counter so we could grab it on the way out but it still cracks me up when he goes foraging through his carseat.


He loves playing with other babies/kids. He gets especially excited to see other small people like himself and loves playing with his cousins and especially kissing his littlest cousin (and stabbing her eye… sorry again Steph!). I love watching him with other kids because I think he is just going to love being a brother one day.


I almost forgot HE SAYS “BALL” and he says it all the time. He won’t say mama or dada anymore, only ball. One night he was crying because of an upset stomach and as soon as I walked into the living room with him to go get his medicine he stopped crying and said “ball” like he thought it was time to play. It’s his favorite toy and as of today he has learned to throw a ball. The first throw went for my head but we cheered anyways and he kept practicing.

Well, there are so many things I love about my little Charlie and so many things that I’m looking forward to and also so many things I know I am going to miss. So here’s to enjoying every day and moment and taking as many mental snapshots as I can!


Oh, also, does anyone else’s child like head-butting the floor?


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