IMG_8470For my entire life… as far as I can remember, I have had adventures. Life has never been an “open book” because I always had the next semester of school, the next job, the next move, the next sibling, the next vacation, the next child, etc. You get the point. Our lives came to one final whirlwind of adventures in the last year with both of us being in school full-time, an amazing lake house vacation, Brad working full time plus doing a part time internship, and a new pregnancy and baby.


By the middle of May, everything was completed. And you know, as much as we have looked forward to that day coming… when the last of the adventures was completed, we are having trouble adjusting. I find myself wondering with the entirety of our lives ahead of us, and no semesters or trimesters (at the moment) to define time with… what will we do?! Haha, pretty comical but the “regular, normal life” that we have so looked forward to, is so boring!! Yes, there are plenty of good things to get involved in more, and we are, but will we really just do more “calling stuff” forever? Will we just keep writing songs and sewing bonnets forever? Hahaha. I think we need a vacation or something.


Please, I would welcome anyone who has ever been in this spot to offer their tips and tricks to break up time so that it doesn’t just pass by. I like to call this little trial a “spoiled brat trial.” Which are trials that only seem hard because you have nothing actually difficult going on. We are extremely blessed right now and really, my most difficult thing is getting a handle on my hormones and adjusting to this new normal. Not bad, huh? 



  1. vicky says:

    You are just in a funk. Lol…. we all go thru it:) take sometime to smell the roses and enjoy the calm before the next storm of activities. The kids are getting older by the second and before you know it you will be a taxi driver, soccer mom, baseball mom, dance and tumbling mom amongst everything else. ENJOY!!!!!!♡♡♡♡

  2. Andrea Kendall says:

    You look gorgeous momma! I had a moment like this when I left my career to stay home with the kiddos. I felt lost without the schedule and other things. You will figure it out, you will become busier and busier. The boys will start school, sports etc and before you know it you will feel like you are living in your car. Enjoy these carefree times, they won’t last. Love you guys

  3. Keri says:

    When my husband finished his phd I wondered if we would feel the same way. So, here’s what you should do: buy a 50 year old house that needs to be updated from top to bottom. You will NEVER run out of things to do or be bored. Eventually being bored and “done” will sound like a complete dream.

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