Okay, I know Father’s Day has already come and gone but it snuck up on me too fast so things were hurriedly thrown together, cards were stuffed into the mail slot with the fate of arriving a day or two late, and I just had no time to really give this post the time it deserved last week so instead I didn’t post anything and now I call a re-do!

Fathers are important. Like, really, really, really important. Many men just don’t understand that the single biggest influence they can have in this world is on the hearts of little ones who call them “daddy.” It breaks my heart that so many men today throw away their unique opportunities to change the world for good when they choose to abandon their families and the children they helped to create. It’s just heartbreaking for everyone involved.

Fathers are the role model their boys look up to. A father is the first example they will ever see of what a man is and how one should behave, treat women, and understand the world around them. In the earliest stages of development, these ideals can really stick. What a little boy learns from a father will very likely be a huge influence on the way he navigates his own life as an adult later on.

The same goes for little girls, except they are looking up to their daddy as their example of the opposite sex, what they should expect of a partner, how they should expect to be treated by men, and what their worth is in the eyes of the opposite sex. Little girls learn so much by seeing the way their father treats their mother. Why do you think, statistically, women who had an abusive father are more likely to fall into abusive relationships later on? It is what they know and how they expect to be treated because it is what they have observed and experienced from a very young age. It is their norm.

In the world we live in today, it brings me to joyful tears when I think of my husband and the father he is for our son and daughter. When I think that he isn’t the type of man to ever abandon his family or the children he helped to create, but even more so, that he does his best and tries his best to continue to improve every day for us… my kids and I are so lucky to have him. He’s an amazing father. He may not know it and he may sometimes doubt it himself, but I’ve watched him. He loves those children. I see it in his eyes when they do something cute or say something funny. The only other person who cares as much about them and every single little silly thing they do or new thing they accomplish, is him. And that alone, makes him a much better father than many.


Alex and Eli, when he was still in the NICU


Okay, well I’m going to keep the words for this post short because I made a video and it’s a bit longish. I would have made it much shorter but I really wanted to include both of these songs so it is the length of two great songs. Hopefully you can sit tight for that long :)

Here’s to Alex and the great father that he is. Happy Late Father’s Day! (p.s. this isn’t actually his gift. He did get a real gift, don’t worry haha. P.P.S. it’s not a super fancy video or anything. Ain’t nobody got time for fancy editing)




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