Ok so lately I have been thinking about time and how quickly it flies by, even if the day to day part seems to go slow sometimes. I often feel like many of my days run together and I have trouble separating one day from the next. Being at home all day every day with little ones can do that to you. Especially with having kids who are too little to be in school, there aren’t a whole lot of markers that time is passing by. There’s no end of the school year or preparing for the next. But then all of the sudden you feel like you’be blinked and all this time has passed!


We have recently come back to a cabin that we’ve been to before. Only, the last time we were newly married, only about 7 months, and we didn’t have any kids yet. Feels like another life now. It was a completely different trip that time. There were no diaper changes, no making sure little mouths got fed, no having to stop in Yellowstone for quick potty breaks on the side of the road, no dealing with cranky, tired, or misbehaving toddlers, and many many more naps involved (for us). We also didn’t have to pack nearly as much stuff.


If you look in the back, behind us, you can see stuff packed in the back piled high to the ceiling


But you know what? This trip is tons more fun and meaningful. This time we are creating fun memories with our kids (even if they won’t remember it, we will remember how much fun they had and how much fun we had with them), and we have so many more reasons to smile and laugh along the way. We also find great joy in sharing these two tiny, crazy, messy little humans who take up so much room in our hearts with extended family who love them almost as much! We love having everyone else get to know them better and interact with them.


An early morning selfie with my Sophie, after being woken up by her one of the first mornings. I look tired lol


We have come a long way from the newly married couple we were the last time we were here and have doubled in the size of our family since then. The memory of being here without them seems unreal and lacking and I’m sure if we ever make our way to this cabin again in the future there’s a good chance we will feel the same way then too, with the possibility of having more additions to the family to make it an even richer experience.




I love my cute little family and am so excited to be able to share this fun vacation with them.


These are a few of my faavorite people…



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