The Pace of Life

Do you ever hear people say how they are living a slow paced or a fast paced life?  Yea… not really me either.  BUT I hear those phrases in movies all the time. Today I was making pancakes busily while trying to stay calm inside as 2 children were whining and hanging on me and my babe was wrapped to me crying.  I have to laugh now because its just like a scene out of a movie… except in the movie the woman would show her anxiety.  I dont.  I just let the sweat drip down my back and smily at my littles.  Eventually I may snap at them depending on how long this goes on for (passive aggressive much?) but for the most part I just think how lucky I am that 3 people NEED me so much that it makes me want to rip my hair out.  (Oh wait, I dont have much… I probably shouldnt do that.) Anyway, I got to thinking about that pace thing while I was on my first postpartum run tonight, and came to the following conclusion.  MY life, is fast paced… needed at least once every 5 minutes.. usually much more than that.  Yet my family (children, mostly) goes to bed probably feeling like we have a nice slow paced life since we dont DO much.

I love this.  Its like my job is to take the heat off of them.  I guess thats what being a mom is all about.  Anyway, my baby is fussing like crazy so I better go.  MWA!

Love, StephieIMG_7568

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  1. A Lovely Flock says:

    Such good insight, Stephie! I have thought that a lot about being needed so badly but also having everyone else around you feel like things are easy and going smoothly. Great post! Also, you look gorgeous in this picture and i love little Flo’s balled up fist rubbing her little eye like Alex! haha. (probably not as vigorously though)

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