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This week is finals week for Derek. Looking back on this past school year I have learned so much. Basically,┬ábeing the spouse of a medical student (or any post undergrad student) is hard. They are gone a lot (either physically or they are sitting in the room but busy studying). You have to learn to entertain yourself and be okay with not being able to go out for a quick weeknight outing or watching sporting events together each night. We used to make dinner together, go grocery shopping together, take spur of the moment trips to different dessert places, and watch something together every night on tv. It’s funny to look back because we thought we were so busy during our undergrad.


The medical school journey was a hard adjustment at first for me (and I still have days where I just think “I’m sick of this”) but as time went on I learned to enjoy the time that we did have together like dinner every night or various evenings off he would take where we would watch Shark Tank or Survivor or a movie together. I also learned to LOVE Sundays. Derek decided at the beginning of the year that if he could still do well then he wanted to not study on Sundays. He works hard on every other day of the week and then Sunday we spend together with no school distractions. It’s by far the best part of the week.

Here are some pictures from different Sundays throughout the school year (He hangs out with me too but pictures of these two are my favorite :) )


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I love that Derek works hard and I never have to remind him that maybe he should be studying, I think that would be the worst. When we have dinner together he helps to feed Charlie, plays with Charlie while I do the dishes, and always makes sure to go in and peek and tell a sleeping Charlie goodbye in the mornings. I have hopes every week of getting up and making him breakfast in the mornings but the reality is he tells a half asleep me goodbye every morning too to which I normally say something nonsensical like “don’t hurt yourself” or tell him that I’m holding Charlie when he is actually sleeping in his bed. He studies hard and spends a lot of time studying but he never forgets his little family and is so driven and motivated┬ábecause he wants to take care of us.


Despite being at a point in life where many consider to be one of the most difficult, Derek and I feel like right now in life we are in such a good place. We have really tried to assess what is most important and what our major goals are for now and that has helped us find a balance and made the days seem normal for us. I am sure after a summer of being together, next fall will be difficult again but I think I know more of what to expect and I’ll have my little buddy for the whole time and not just part of it and he really adds extra excitement to my days!

He gets into and eats everything.

He gets into and eats everything.


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  1. Sherrie Scott says:

    Your joy and happiness shine through.
    I love getting to know you and your sisters through this blog!

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