Why I am Addicted to Having Babies

First of all, my husband will think I am nuts for writing this post because the first 2 and a half weeks after I had my girl, was rough.  I didnt understand how people did it!  I still dont but I am learning, and now, I am loving it.  I love having babies, of all ages (I feel like I have 3 right now!) because they are just the best.  Here are some pictures and things I love about babies.


The more children I have, the more “secure” I feel.  It seems like a weird thing, but coming from a family with 10 kids, I always knew I had a LOT of people to look out for me, love me and care about me.  The more our family grows, the more I get that same feeling from and with my Eggers family.


When you have more kids… you get a lot of practice strategizing your outings, outfits, meals, … EVERYTHING!  I always think its kind of fun because there are high risks.. if something goes wrong in your plan (like yesterday in Barnes and Noble) stuff hits the fan fast and you leave with sweat going down your back and 3 kids crying.  When it all goes right (see above), you can feel proud that your game plan worked!  (like a football coach?!)


Ruffle bums.


You feel super excited when your kids WANT to help, and you can feel their same pride as they do when they make good choices and do a nice job.


They love each other and it makes my heart swell when I see them hold hands, look at each other and laugh, or fuss over how cute their baby sister is.  :) IMG_7579IMG_7238


They do funny things!  All day long.  And my above boy falls asleep everywhere!  Its funny and adorable.

They make hard work worth it. My husband graduated with his masters last week and we both realized we wouldnt really be proud of ourselves and that accomplishment if we had taken the “easy way out” and not had our children.  Jackson celebrated most of all! :)


They snuggle with me.  All three of them do.


This is the boys working on mothers day crafts and projects.  I know being a mom is super hard sometimes, but it is the best thing ever.  I know that not everyone has the chance to have babies, and that there are even more who think other things are more important.  But the more babies I have, the more I want to have… because I never want to be without these sweet, happy, and needy little people in my life.

IMG_7271Happy Friday!




  1. Michelle R says:

    Your babies are adorable. I am so happy that you love motherhood so much. But please remember that it’s not “the easy way” to not have kids. Perhaps it could be the harder way for some of us with health issues and just making other choices.

    • Stephie says:

      Of course! Sorry if I didn’t seem sensitive in what I wrote. I have several friends struggling with fertility and others who are dying for a baby but their spouse is against it. I wasn’t trying to speak for others, but for myself and our own situation… That would have been the easy way.

  2. Michelle R says:

    Yes! I love your (and everyone else’s ) posts. You guys are so cute and your new lil baby girl is adorb. I like the different perspectives given by each of you. So thank you :)

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