Progress, Epiphanies and Gratitude

So, I skipped posting last week.  It’s been a busy time for everyone with the end of school quickly approaching and we have an exciting wedding coming up in June that we are planning a fun family vacation around, so life has been good.  Busy, but good.


I have made some progress on filling my blank space.  I have started, and hope to finish the quilt top for Stephie’s little baby Florence today.  It is going to be darling in the sweet country-ish prints in an all over patchwork pattern.  I have been reading my scriptures every day, missed one day, but that is okay.  I am 5 out of 6 days since I started, so progress!  I have been trying to read in my book when I get a chance, but still struggling with wanting larger blocks of time on that one, but my book is out and I pick up and read a couple of pages a day, so I suppose progress on that one, too.



I had an epiphany the other day, a rather poignant one, but I can’t remember it….should I be worried?  Hmmm   I remember thinking, “I am going to mention this in the blog”.  Well, if it comes to me again, I will let you know.


Lately,  I have had the opportunity to recognize  how blessed I am and to feel gratitude for that knowledge.  I think sometimes I take for granted a good life, and even trials, and forget that I need to be thankful for things.  I had a rough day on Sunday.  I woke up feeling grumpy, most likely the result of being in the awful 5-10 year period of life called “peri-menopause”, seriously, it’s awful!  Just saying.  But anyway, I woke up in a dark mood, became resentful of the opportunity I have to care for one of the dearest people in my life.  Then I went to church and was released from a calling I really enjoyed, and felt I was  good at, due to changes in the leadership.  That smarted, like stubbing your toe..( oh yeah, I did that this week too, Yeow!!!)  Anyway, I was really sad and a little angry, I wondered out loud on the way home from church in the car alone, if God remembered me, did He know me, did He care about me, all the things I, and maybe you, think when at a low point.  Well, those thoughts were pushed to the back of my mind as we had a nice fun dinner with family and Flossie was happy with the little children around, life became normal and my mood lightened a bit.  But lying in bed, when satan knows I am weak, the thoughts crept back…I wasn’t good enough, they “fired” me,  etc.  Then the next evening, for Family Home Evening, Lizzie taught the lesson.  She shared this video.

I was reminded that this life was meant to make us strong, better and more capable, and that trials and change help us with those qualities.  Just like going to the gym, I won’t get stronger if I don’t work and stress my muscles.  I needed to look forward to the next opportunity to serve, and recognize I wasn’t “fired” due to poor performance, it was just time for a change.  I am so grateful for Lizzie and that she was inspired to share that video and the discussion she led that followed.  I needed just what my 16 year old daughter reminded me of.  And, yes, God does remember me, and He knows me and He most definitely cares about me.  And for that reminder, I am extremely grateful.  Do you ever feel like that, like you need to be reminded sometimes?  I hope it’s not just me.


Still can’t remember the epiphany…like I said, “peri-menopause” …



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  1. Sherrie Scott says:

    I for one am uncomfortable with change and can only cope with it with a lot of help from God. I believe it is a very common human failing and am aware that God too knows this about us. As women we tend to settle down in our lives like a nesting hen ready to defend our status from any and all change. Yet we eventually stand and do what is expected of us and bless ourselves and others with our actions. Overcoming our weakest moments seems to be what progress is all about and I see that in you. What a fine job you are doing and your whole family reflects this!

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