My favorite quick and easy cinnamon rolls

I love to bake. That is just a known fact. When we were first married, Derek would tell me I could only have one baked good around at a time because we were only two people. Even though I love baking sweets, I was always afraid of making bread with yeast in it because yeast seemed so complicated with all of it’s rising and how you sometimes had to knead the bread and sometimes you had to do something crazy like punch down the dough! One Sunday I decided I needed to face this fear and just try to make some bread that had yeast so I made a regular loaf of bread and with the help of my hand mixer, it was pretty easy and so delicious that I started making breads all over the place (pretzels, breadsticks, rolls, etc.). I don’t know why I was ever so afraid of bread making and yeast but boy am I glad I got over that fear. Now I have my stand mixer (one of my favorite things) and it makes bread making 10 times easier.


Last night we had some very special people over and I made some cinnamon rolls. I have used this recipe over and over and it’s quick and easy and so delicious that I had to share!

For the rolls, I use this recipe. (I mean they only take ninety minutes and that voodoo “rising” magic that happens is the easiest part because you just leave it there and go watch Survivor or something.

Then for the frosting, I use the frosting portion of this recipe:

When the rolls come out, I just put a glob of frosting on top of each roll and then the heat from the rolls helps the frosting seep into all the crevices. SO GOOD (for fans of The Chew, I like to say that like Carla Hall).

Here’s my next day microwaved roll that I had for breakfast with hot chocolate (but don’t tell my husband because he’s studying about diabetes right now)



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