Dream Celebrity Survivor Cast

Okay so this post is just for fun. Alex and I have gone back and forth many times now about who we would want to see on a Celebrity season of Survivor if it were up to us, and why. So I decided to share with you some of our top picks. Alex and I have come up with many of these names together but I picked the top ones out of the bunch myself since he’s at work while I’m writing this. We have named a lot of celebrities in our search for the best ever celebrity cast but I’m just going to name 10 men and 10 women, a total cast of 20 people for this fantasy Celebrity season, and why I think they are good picks for the show. Here we go, we’ll start with the women because this list was harder for some reason:
1. Kate Hudson
Okay, I’ll start with her simply because it has already been rumored that she has wanted to be on the show in the past, so in my mind that already makes her a good contender. From what I can tell she seems like she’s in pretty good shape and clearly competitive if she has already expressed interest in being on the show. I bet she already has somewhat of a game-plan in mind and I’d be interested in seeing how it plays out.


See how fit she looks?

2. Kristen Schaal
To be honest, I just want to know what her personality is like in real life because she always plays the most kooky/weird characters and I bet she’d be hilarious to watch. I have no idea what she’s like but can’t help but suspect there’s some level of real-life kookiness to her since she seems to play those characters so well over and over again. I’d love to see her in this kind of scenario.

3. Anne Hathaway
She just seems like such a laid back, yet hardcore chick. I mean, she actually SHAVED OFF ALL HER HAIR for Les Miserables and that, to me, says she’s up for just about anything and shows some true dedication. I bet she’s pretty competitive and would probably kick butt in challenges and then would come back to camp and not be afraid to chop a chicken’s head off or something.


Here she is in Les Miserables right after chopping all her hair off. She also lost like 15 lbs to make herself look more the part of the poor, starving character she plays. This girl is hardcore…

4. Cameron Diaz
First of all, she’s super fit. Have you ever seen her abs??? But secondly, and most importantly, I can’t stand her. I don’t know what it is. I don’t ever like the characters she plays (they just really annoy me) and from what I have seen of her real-life personality, it annoys me too. So why would I want her on the show? Because I love to hate her (I know, hate is a really strong word and I use it liberally here. Obviously I don’t really hate her, I don’t even know her. But I’m fairly certain if I did… let’s just say we would probably never be BFFs). I love to have people on Survivor who I dislike because it keeps me entertained.


Check out them guns… She is FIT

5. Taylor Swift
Because she’s young, gorgeous, and seems to have a sensitive personality (which always makes things real interesting). I’d be willing to bet she’d had a hard time letting go of hard feelings when she gets voted off (because let’s face it, she’s not likely to win) and will probably sing a song she wrote about the heartbreak she felt when she was stabbed in the back at final Tribal when it’s her turn to say her piece as a jury member. And then she’ll get her revenge with her vote. And I would LOVE to see all of that happen. So she’s definitely in. (and she’ll probably at least win the Sprint favorite at the end because, who DOESN’T love Taylor Swift?)

6. Ellen Degeneres
We all love Ellen. She is one of America’s sweethearts. She is hilarious and fun and I think would be fun to watch on Survivor. She would bring a party atmosphere to her tribe and it would be interesting to see her in challenges and how she would handle voting people out and being strategic. I’m sure she wouldn’t make it to the end though unless she just has super amazing luck because she would be a huge threat to win at the very end if she made it that far. But it would definitely be fun to watch her in the meantime. Plus then she can have her former cast mates on her show afterward to talk about misunderstandings or whatever and it would be fun to watch and continue to get more about their relationships even after the show is over.

7. Tina Fey
Another funny lady??? I know, I know, enough with the funny women. But I just love Tina Fey and she is so SMART. I really think she could win the whole thing. She seems like she would be very good at the social game and at being strategic because she is a very smart woman. She may even do well in some challenges, who knows? But I think if she aligns herself with the right people she could definitely win the game.

8. Gwyneth Paltrow
Another celebrity I, and I think everyone, loves to hate. In case you haven’t heard of any of the outlandish comments she has made or seen her lifestyle blog “Goop,” I’ll just quickly sum her up for you. She is very pretentious and snobbish and seems to be really out of touch with the real world and the way real people live their lives (she was quoted in an interview stating that she thought she has a harder life than moms who work regular 9-5 jobs and then have to come home and take care of their families). I don’t even dislike her because she’s crunchy (crunchy= yoga, all organic everything, green-everything, etc) because I can respect a crunchy mom’s desire to do what they think is best for their kids, even if I don’t agree with it or think it is a bit excessive and would rather pick different battles in my own life. It’s not the crunchiness, it’s the way she is holier-than-thou about it and how out of touch she is with the real world. She’s not a very self-aware person at all. She’s always trying (and failing miserably) to prove that she isn’t an out of touch snob so I bet she’d love the chance to take on Survivor so she can prove to the world that she can really rough it out. I’m also pretty sure she’d do a great job at angering all the other people on her tribe and being super annoying so things would get pretty interesting with her around.


Couldn’t help myself with this picture.

9. Emma Stone
Okay, I just really like her and she seems very down-to-earth to me. She seems like she would be down to maybe try her hand at survivor and I could see her doing well with the social aspect of the game. She is also pretty dang smart so I think she could go far in the game, especially if teamed up with Tina Fey. Plus she’s young and looks somewhat fit so I think she could do okay in challenges. I just think she’d be entertaining AND likeable. I’d probably be rooting for her.

10. Eva Longoria-Parker
I’m mostly indifferent to her as an actress but I’ve read that she’s pretty outdoorsy and has skinned animals plenty of times, which leads me to believe she’d do well in the physical aspect of survivor. Not sure how well she’d play the social game because I really don’t know that much about her but let’s throw her in there and see how she does.

SexyDesktop Wallpaper Image
Just as a disclaimer, I would have put Rebel Wilson and Mindy Kaling on my list because I love them and would have died laughing at their hilarity throughout, since it is just a fantasy list after all, but even in my wildest fantasies I cannot see either of those women lasting more than an hour on the show. Not because they don’t have it in them, just because I think they really would have no desire to and would absolutely hate it for so many millions of reasons. I just can’t picture it. Maybe Rebel Wilson, maybe. But definitely not Mindy Kaling.

In case you don’t know Mindy Kaling or Rebel Wilson by name alone:


Mindy Kaling


Rebel Wilson




Okay so here are the Guys:
1. Will Smith
I know, I know, such a typical choice. But who doesn’t love Will Smith? He’s funny! AND he’s fit so he’d probably do well in challenges. I think he could possibly do the social game pretty well too so he may be a huge threat from the very beginning. And let’s hope he makes up some rap about the show that becomes a huge hit song, or maybe even just for the opening credits for this season.



2. Robert Downey Jr.
Yeah, things are already getting interesting here with the men’s list, huh? Yup, that’s right. Robert Downey Jr. I’m pretty sure (from everything I’ve ever seen by means of interviews and such) he’s kind of a self-absorbed jerk in real life just like all the characters he portrays and that always makes things interesting. Let’s just hope he doesn’t make Taylor Swift cry too much (or maybe she’ll just use it to write a new song called Mean pt. 2). Yeah I think he’d be a lot of fun to watch and I think he’d be great at scheming and lying but I don’t think he stands a chance at winning… or maybe he does since he has a charming way about his meanness that people seem to love, even when they’re the ones he’s being mean to.

3. Si Robertson
He’d probably be real useful at camp with his outdoorsman/fishing knowledge, and good for laughs, but that’s about it. And isn’t that wonderful? I think he’d be awful at most challenges but he sure would be entertaining! I also think he’d stink at the social game and would probably be that player with a big mouth that no one trusts to not blab to everyone else (because he’d probably let stuff slip on accident) and would be “a loose cannon.” I also think he would probably rub some tribe members the wrong away (especially if he’s on a team with Gwyneth Paltrow) and that would just cause some great television moments, don’t you think? I’m already laughing thinking about it. Yes, we definitely want Si in our fantasy Celebrity season, no doubt about it.

4. Jim Parsons
I think he could end up being a “Cochran” and be that skinny dweebie guy who isn’t exactly a physical threat but could have the ability to play a good strategic game and go far in the game anyway. I think he’d be great at the scheming and the planning and the whole social aspect of the game and could be a great contender for winning if he can last long enough. I know he isn’t actually a super genius like his character Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, but the guy has a masters degree so he’s got to have some smarts. At any rate, he should be an interesting pick.

5. Channing Tatum
Duh. Why would we NOT put him on the list? First of all, I think Alex is kind of in love with him (kidding) so he’s probably the first person he even mentioned. He gained a lot of respect in the eyes of Alex with his outdoorsy-ness in the show Running Wild with Bear Grylls. Obviously he would be a big physical threat and would do really well around camp with physical survival. Not sure how his social game would be or anything but I bet he’d go pretty far. Unless they saw him as a huge threat from the very beginning and just voted him off from the get-go. Who really knows with Survivor, right?

6. Chris Pratt
He is also pretty outdoorsy from what I know. He does archery for fun and hunts with a bow as well, I believe –I like him because of that and also because he went on Ellen and told a touching story about his experience with the NICU when his son was born prematurely (he is married to Comedian/Actress Anna Faris and they have a son together). From what I can tell, he is a great dad and loves being a dad– He used to be a little chunky in the mid-section (when he first started on Parks and Rec) but has since gotten very fit and healthy. He would probably do very well in physical challenges and would be a help around camp I’m sure. Plus he’s just a funny, laid-back guy. Not sure how far he would go but I’d be rooting for him.


See how fit he looks now?


He gets two pictures because I wanted to show him off shooting his compound bow but this picture didn’t really show his face, for those who didn’t know who he was from his name.

7. Danny DeVito
Another big personality that I think would make things more interesting. From what I’ve heard, he is kind of a gross/vulgar old man in real life. I’m sure his personality would make things interesting and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind in the least being portrayed as the villain (I’m picturing a Russel Hantz-type player). I could definitely see him slinking around being sneaky and lying to anyone and everyone in the social aspect of the game. In the physical aspect? I’m pretty sure he’d do terrible. It would definitely be interesting to watch though, huh?

8. Ricky Gervais
Now I’m sure he’d be hilarious. I’m pretty sure he’d be complaining the whole time, but in the most hilarious ways. I’d love him on the show just for that reason alone. I also think he’s a pretty smart guy though so I think he could possibly go far, but I doubt he’d be great at challenges. But that’s okay. We don’t want everyone to be good at challenges. What’s the fun in that?

9. Kanye West
Yup, you read that right. The man America loves to hate the most. Kanye West so laughably lacks self-awareness and so easily angers people that it would be dumb NOT to throw him in the mix… especially with Taylor Swift in the cast as well (whether they be on the same tribe or not… either way things are getting interesting in that aspect). Could you imagine his interactions with the likes of Ricky Gervais or Si Robertson? And who would be the most self-absorbed? Him or Robert Downey Jr? (at least one of them is intelligent…) I would LOVE to see him on the show, especially if that meant I could see him interact with some of these other celebrities.


Sorry, but I couldn’t help with this photo either. He and Gwyneth do it to themselves. Maybe they should both just take vows of silence.

10. Jeff Probst
Yes that’s right! JEFF PROBST! Then who would host the show you ask? Probably Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel. Who cares?? It’s just for one season. But c’mon, you know you’d love to see how well Jeff himself would fare in this game. If nothing else it would at least be incredibly interesting, and he would NEVER live it down if he didn’t win. It would be awesome.


Ol’ Jeff in his classic blue shirt and “Survivor” stance


Okay, well that’s our list. Comment below and let me know who YOU would like to see play the game of Survivor, and why?


  1. Lizzie says:

    John Krasinski, or Rainn Wilson bc it would be hilarious to watch them team up, we all know they would, and I think John would have a good chance of winning

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