Birth Story

I have kind of a thing about natural childbirth.  I have read over and over many books, and just am fascinated at how perfectly Heavenly Father designed women’s bodies to be able to deliver a baby.  That, accompanied by my fear of epidurals (not the needle, but the possibilities of complications and c-sections) has given me 3 opportunities to have my babies this way.  Each time it has gotten progressively better and easier.  I have come into it each time with more confidence, more tools for relaxation and more excitement. Most importantly, I have the PERFECT team to help me.  Brad brought peace and coaching (he plays a huge role in the birth). My mom brought empathy (having been there herself 10 times!) and worked hard to keep me comfortable. And my midwife Cathy brought expertise, love and reassurance. I had all 3 of them there with the last two babies and cant imagine having a babe without them. If we ever move… we will be flying both of them out. Or Brad says we will just need to have Cathy relocate because we love her so much and need her for the prenatal parts too!

Here is the big day in pictures and captions!


We needed to bring her head down more so we had a lot of walking with pitocin to do.  I didnt feel any contractions so we headed back to up the dose and try something different.

But when we got back we saw I had LOTS of even contractions!  So, we kept walking!  It was lovely chatting with my mom and Brad and spending time with Cathy as well.  Love that bunch.  :)


Eventually she had moved all the way down so Cathy broke my water and I decided to stay in bed to concentrate on relaxing through each one.


This is when it got quite difficult.  I NEEDED Brad and this part of labor brings me so close to him emotionally.  Only a few contractions like this and then the very very difficult (and painful ones) came, and everyone helped me with cool wash cloths, ice chips, etc.  (no one was available to take pictures) and after a few of these she was born. IMG_7084
It is absolutely the most exhilarating moment when you deliver the baby and they are  laid on you.  It is glorious… and really I just cant think of any words to describe it.  She was absolutely beautiful and I was so grateful to everyone in the room and overwhelmingly in love with my baby.  It was the perfect delivery. IMG_7072
IMG_7116 IMG_7133 IMG_6974
This hospital is fabulous because we actually got to hold and snuggle her for over an hour before they even cleaned her up and did weight, etc.  
IMG_7142Its amazing how fast after delivery (5 minutes?) you feel pretty much alright.  

This is my amazing midwife Cathy.  She is… amazing.  :) Im so glad I met her when I was expecting Sawyer and got to go through her practice for all of it twice. Lucky US!IMG_7138
And here is my mom, who gave me confidence and felt my pain with me.  Its so special for me to live near her and share the end of pregnancy, the labor and delivery, and the beginning of having a new babe with her.  Also… doesn’t she look like a super model? She is beautiful inside and out. 

And THAT is how my sweet Florence came into the world. IMG_7034



  1. Chrissy says:

    Stephie, you are AMAZING. After experiencing Sawyer’s birth, I was just in awe of you and your little birth team. I love that Florence’s birth was so perfect. She is SUCH a doll and I can’t wait to meet her! Love you!

  2. Andrea Kendall says:

    Awesome! Loved your story. She is a gorgeous babe and you guys are terrific parents. Yes! Your mom does look like a super model:):):)

  3. marlayna christensen says:

    Great entry! You’re an amazing woman. I look forward to when I get to meet your growing family–someday. I see great love and strength in your eyes.

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