Beach Day!

Lots of things change when you have a baby, your body, your schedule, the length of your shower, the time you spend on eating your own meal, and most importantly the amount of love you feel for such a tiny human. I am realizing new things almost daily that are different now that I’m a mom (like how long it takes me to type this up with my baby who loves to grab everything).

On Saturday I discovered a new kind of beach day. Gone are the days of laying out to get color, going in and out of the ocean to my hearts content and eating a nice beach picnic that was all prepared for me. My sister-in-law came into town to visit which gave us the excuse to go to the beach all together. While different than times of old, it was definitely my favorite beach day yet! I was worried going in because I was responsible for packing all the necessities, making sure Charlie had the appropriate amount of sunscreen and was staying hydrating and doing all the other mom things.

We left at about the time Charlie goes down for his morning nap so he could sleep on the 30 minute car drive. He did that perfectly! When we got there, we used our new collapsible red wagon that was a gift from Derek’s aunt (isn’t it so cool?!)


We picked our spot and started to set up camp. I started by sunscreening Charlie and made sure he was fully covered. Then we sat on the blanket to let the sunscreen really soak in to his white skin and made our way to test out the beach water. He was a little apprehensive at first of the water but when he tried out sitting in a little tide pool he was really loving every second of it! It was like a dream come true, my baby liked the beach! Then I started thinking I should probably hydrate him a little. I wasn’t sure how nursing on a wide open beach would work so I had brought a bottle. Well the bottle was super leaky and was just dripping all over him. I looked over at the towels and thought they would be way too hot to cover up with and then saw my husbands t shirt sitting there. I just put that on over my swimsuit and it was the perfect cover up! It was thin and light colored and did the trick, I was so proud of myself for thinking of that I think I brought it up about ten times to Derek throughout the day. We played in the water some more and then it was lunch time. We had brought sandwiches for us and I brought one of those little pouches for Charlie that had peaches and apples (the perfect beach fruits). He loved eating it and watching the water.

I hate how white my back is in this picture but I love the rest of the picture so much I had to post it.

I hate how white my back is in this picture but I love the rest of the picture so much I had to post it. His first time sticking his feet in to the ocean!

After a little over 2 hours there, it was time to head home and Charlie slept like a champ on the way home, then got a nice bath to wash all the sand off and took a nice long nap after that. It was the best beach trip and so fun to watch him enjoy something that Derek and I love so much. I’m so excited for the many more family beach trips that are ahead of us and love the new role I have at the beach as the mom.


– Mandy

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